The City Sikhs Network are making this public statement as a stand against ISIS and the barbaric actions of terrorism taking place in the world today. This statement is supported by The Islamic Society of Britain and New Horizons in British Islam. We are appalled by the actions of terrorism in all of its forms; in particular with the recent actions of ISIS that are not Islamic and entirely barbaric.

ISIS have not only killed fellow British citizens and other innocent people, including many Muslims, Yazidi and Christians, but have threatened the values and responsibilities of citizenship, peace and love which are central to all faiths.

Sikhs have a rich history of standing up for the rights and liberties of others, especially those who are more vulnerable members of society. Sikhs believe in coexisting in a plural society regardless of our differences and also in the duty to look after the world and all of its inhabitants. As citizens of this world we should not falter in our duty to challenge those that that are violent towards innocent people and those that threaten the core teachings of our faiths and pluralism.

The City Sikhs Network will continue to work alongside its Muslim friends such as the Islamic Society of Britain and New Horizons in British Islam to show solidarity amongst faiths and to challenge extremist ideologies in all its forms.