Special Message from City Sikhs

The City Sikhs Foundation shares in the nation's deep and profound grief following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen has been a constant and steady presence for all of us during her 70 year reign. As our Sovereign, her love and affection for the Sikh community in the United Kingdom and across the world has been visible throughout.

She had a strong understanding about the Sikh faith, and her numerous visits to gurdwaras on our own shores as well as elsewhere were occasions which helped bring a strong focus and attention to the Sikh community in a way which would otherwise have not been possible.

As the monarch of both the United Kingdom and Canada, she was Queen to the vast majority of Sikhs living outside of India, and as the Head of the Commonwealth, her links with India remained strong.

During this period of national mourning, the British Sikh community shall be keeping Her Majesty and the Royal Family in our thoughts and prayers.

"All are under the divine command of the Almighty, no one is outside of that divine command" - Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji