The Farmers Protests in Delhi and the surrounding areas have affected so many in India and around the world, and it has highlighted the need for there to be better support in particular for people across Punjab.

We have seen far too many talented people leaving Punjab over the years because of poor prospects for their working lives, and not enough has been done to ensure that professionals across the State get the guidance or assistance that they need. As a result, Punjab has lost out on a generation of talent.

It is for those reasons and many more that City Sikhs is proud to announce the launch of City Sikhs Punjab. City Sikhs Punjab will provide support, guidance and assistance to people from across the State of Punjab in order to help them develop their professional careers as well as change society for the better.

City Sikhs Punjab is based on the universal values of professionalism, openness and mutual respect, and will strive to build a cohesive and inclusive society in which individuality is respected and diversity is celebrated. The ultimate aim is to provide a space for people to connect, learn, contribute, share, and help people develop.

City Sikhs Punjab understands the importance of supporting the future generations of the people of Punjab, and now is the time to work together for positive change which benefits everyone in society.

Iranjeet Singh, the lead for City Sikhs Punjab, said “With Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s principle of ‘Vand Chhako’, meaning sharing of one’s resources with the society at large, we have taken this initiative to assist those who are in need of guidance and mentoring to reach their higher potential and become a contributing member of society. We want to leverage the experience of skilled professionals to uplift Punjab while fostering the idea of personal development. I am feeling humbled and blessed to get this opportunity to serve my community with all the lessons I have learnt from my career so far.”

Please keep an eye out for more information over the coming weeks.


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