4 June 2017 The City Sikhs Network would like to show solidarity for those who have been killed and injured by the barbaric acts carried out in Central London yesterday evening.

As news unfolds, we are aware of seven people who have been killed and dozens others injured, many of whom have life threatening conditions. The three attackers who committed such terror were shot dead by police.

We praise the police, emergency services and the public who showed exemplary courage, bravery and professionalism in dealing with the events that took place. We also want to note that the Sikh community had opened their hearts for those who were caught up in the ordeal by offering food and shelter at gurdwaras throughout London.

Such acts of terror are an attack on our capital and our way of life. We must come together, pull together and stand united against those who harm the values of freedom, democracy and human rights. The fact that this has come in the week that the country goes to the polls may not be a coincidence, and we must not be cowered by their brutality.

Our thoughts are with those victims, with their families, friends and loved one.

Jasvir Singh OBE, City Sikhs Network