The thoughts of prayers of all of us at City Sikhs are with everyone affected by the terrorist attacks in Beirut, Baghdad and Paris over the last few days.

By focussing on a busy shopping street in Lebanon, a funeral in Iraq, and people enjoying a Friday night out in the French capital, the so-called Islamic State are looking to strike fear at all aspects of our lives. The recent attacks in Tunisia and in the skies over Egypt are further proof of their desires to make us fearful. They want us to be afraid and they want to cause division around the world.

We in Britain refuse to be divided or cowered by their acts. IS do not represent any faith whatsoever in their actions, and City Sikhs stands united with all of the faith communities in condemning their disgusting and abhorrent acts.

Today (Monday 16th November) at 11am, we will observe the minute’s silence across Europe to remember those who have died in Paris. We hope that our members to join us in that remembrance.