Sikh swing voters will be decisive in key seats, according to the British Sikh Report

Over 1 in 3 British Sikhs (35%) are undecided about who they will vote for on 7th May

Sikh swing voters could decide who wins in at least eight key seats in the General Election, according to a new report. The British Sikh Report 2015 has found that 35% of British Sikhs have not decided who they will vote for. In one constituency, almost 2 out of 3 Sikh voters are undecided.

The eight key seats identified where the number of Sikh swing voters outweigh the current majority are:

  • Solihull
  • Walsall North
  • Walsall South
  • Derby North
  • Wolverhampton South West
  • Bradford East
  • Dudley North
  • Thurrock

50% of British Sikhs in Walsall, which is served by the two constituencies of Walsall North and Walsall South, are unsure as to who they will vote for. In Solihull, the number of undecided Sikh voters rises to 62%.

Nationally, 31% of British Sikhs intend to vote Labour compared to 16% for the Conservatives, 4% for the Greens, 3% for UKIP and 1% for the Lib Dems. In Scotland, 24% intend to vote for the SNP.

When asked about which issues they considered very important in Britain today, 81% of Sikhs said the state of the NHS, with 78% saying the same for the economy and 77% for education.

Two-thirds of British Sikhs (67%) want the UK to remain in the EU, and 62% believe that the UK should give asylum to all people fleeing religious persecution abroad.

The British Sikh Report (BSR) is the only strategic document of its kind, drawing attention to the aspirations of the British Sikh community across a range of areas. Compiled by a collective of British Sikh professionals and academics, it is based on quantitative research with 1,000 Sikhs surveyed for the report. It is anticipated that the British Sikh Report will assist non-Sikh organisations in working with the current British Sikh population on collaborative projects.

Jasvir Singh, chair of the British Sikh Report, commented “The statistics speak for themselves. The Sikh swing vote is pivotal in several key seats, and the myth of ethnic minorities voting as a block is long dead. This report highlights the evolving demographics and the changing face of British Sikhs who are as diverse in their views and opinions as any other British community. All political parties should carefully consider this report and its findings in the run up to the general election as it clearly identifies the views of British Sikhs.”

The document is to be launched at a Parliamentary event on Thursday 12th March where MPs and Peers are to speak of the positive contribution by Sikhs to British society and will discuss the findings within the British Sikh Report.

You can learn more about the British Sikh Report here