From June 2014 the St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace aim to offer 18 to 36 year olds from different faith communities the possibility to get to know about other faith/spiritual traditions and introduce a new idea of leadership: that of taking responsibility for our community and the planet alike, bringing a more tangible impact to society.

The programme will be 12 months long, during which the centre will try to individuate elements of common interest between the communities and hopefully create a joint social action project for 2015.

The programme for this will focus on the following points:

·         Exploring identities and sharing stories
·         experiencing other communities and places of worship
·         understanding each other’s beliefs and practices
·         building lasting friendships across cultures
·         reflecting on what it means to live one’s faith in times of transition
·         exploring our spiritual aspirations and passions
·         asking what contribution we can make to our communities and wider world
·         creating potential for joining forces in the future and generating action in 2015.

At the moment the following 6 more communities are involved: Sufi, Ananda Marga, Brahma Kumaris, Jewish, Quaker and Buddhist, and there will be 5 or 6 representatives from each group to commit to journeying together for the coming year.

You will need to commit for a year, and it will be roughly an evening every 6 weeks, for a total of 6 gatherings over a time span of 11 months, plus one big event on June 25 where people will get to know each other and have a sense of how this project is going to look like.

For more information please contact: