The City Sikhs Network is shocked to learn of classified documents recently released under the 30-year rule which suggest that the British Government sent an SAS officer to India in February 1984 to assist the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in her planned ‘operation’ at the Golden Temple. June 1984 saw the storming of the Golden Temple complex under Operation Blue Star, an event which remains a tragic and painful one for many Sikhs around the world.

The City Sikhs Network has been working with and lobbying Coalition and Opposition MPs to ensure that the there is full disclosure of documents which relate to Britain’s role in the planning of the storming of the Golden Temple complex in the months leading to June 1984. The British Sikh community needs answers, but we also need to recognise that the British Government responsible for taking the decision was from 30 years ago and not today’s Government.

Sikhs have been loyal to Britain for decades. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the commencement of the First World War when thousands of Sikhs fought for Britain and many of whom gave their lives for this country.

Whilst the British Prime Minister’s request for the Cabinet Secretary to establish the facts in this matter is welcomed, it is imperative that such information is made public at the first available opportunity and that there is true transparency of the decisions made by the British Government in 1984.

The City Sikhs Network believes that the Coalition Government needs to be given the opportunity to investigate this matter properly and then be able to present the findings to the British Sikh community in an open and honest way and in an expedited manner. The City Sikhs Network will be keeping a close eye on this investigation over the coming weeks and months.