The City Sikhs Network is saddened by the presence of the ‘Sikh Division of EDL

The City Sikhs Network (CSN) is saddened by the presence of the ‘Sikh Division of the English Defence League’ at the EDL march through Birmingham on Saturday 20th July 2013. The ‘Sikh Division of the English Defence League’ used the Sikh insignia of the Khanda as part of its logo.

The Sikh faith does not align itself with groups or organisations which discriminate against any other religion. Sikhs believe in praying for the happiness and well-being of the whole of mankind, and they do not discriminate between people of different faiths. In fact, the circle within the Khanda insignia represents the oneness of God and of humanity. Sikhs have also died defending the religious rights of others for about 340 years, including Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, one of its founding Gurus.

CSN respects the rights of individuals to have political views of any nature as a basic element of democracy. What CSN objects to is the use of the Sikh faith or any of its insignia to justify the hatred and discrimination of others. Groups such as Sikhs Against the EDL and the Turban Campaign have worked hard in challenging such perceptions in the past and should be commended for their hard work.

CSN understands that there may be some grievances behind the decision of a very small minority of individuals to set up a Sikh Division within the EDL. Discourse and dialogue is the only way to deal with such grievances, and CSN is committed to inter-faith relations and dialogue with people of all faiths, including Muslims.

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