Inaugural report looks into several key areas affecting the British Sikh population in the 21st Century

The British Sikh Report (BSR) is the first strategic document of its kind, aimed at Local and Central Government and national institutions, which highlights the thoughts and aspirations of the British Sikh community in the 21st Century. Compiled by a collective of British Sikh professionals and academics, it is based on quantitative research and will be used to help meet the Sikh community’s wants and needs.

Taking inspiration from the Jewish and Muslim communities, the BSR will offer government bodies, and other organisations with a vested interest in promoting integration across all levels and forms of society, an insight into the British Sikh community, allowing them to utilise this information and use it to better collaborate with the current British Sikh population.

Amongst many things, the report found that 95% of British Sikhs are proud of being born or living in Britain despite almost three-quarters of them (74.5%) having experienced racism in the UK at some point.

In terms of integration, British Sikhs can be found in a great variety of professions, with over 357 different professions given by the respondents, including less stereotypical ones such as director or consultant. However, over a third (36.1%) of respondents have experienced discrimination of some sort in the workplace. Furthermore, 96% of British Sikhs would like to see more Sikhs on mainstream British TV, including in documentaries, sports-based features and in fictional dramas.

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Opposition, comments, “The British Sikh community has made and continues to make a huge contribution to our nation, and I welcome the British Sikh Report in its attempt at engaging politicians with the British Sikh community.”

Jasvir Singh, chair of the British Sikh Report, comments, “Sikhs have had a presence in the UK for almost 160 years, and during that time they have become well-integrated within British society. However, a lack of adequate insight into the Sikh community in the UK has led to stereotypes emerging and being perpetuated which then have an impact upon British Sikhs as a whole.”

Singh continues, “This report aims to quash such negative stereotypes and find ways to promote positive collaboration between the Sikh community and British society in general. We as a nation are at our strongest when we work together for the common good.”

About the Questionnaire:

An online questionnaire was created by an independent team, using societal and community-based knowledge of issues effecting the Sikh population. Academic bodies, third sector organisations and various corporations were then invited to give their input on questions within the report, before it was disseminated to the wider Sikh population.