The Growing Success of Professional Sikhs in the
UK to be Marked in Central London

?Recognition of Sikh success in the City is long overdue?

The City Sikhs Network (CSN) will be holding its showcase event of the year on 17th
August 2011 in conjunction with Barclays Corporate. ?Sikhs, the City, and Success?
will include a panel discussion with a number of leading lights from the UK, and it
will focus on how it is possible to become successful in in British society without
compromising one?s personal identity or faith.

The leading figures will include Dr Rabinder Buttar, CEO of Clin Tec International,
and esteemed guest speakers on the day will include Richard Barnes (Deputy Mayor
of London) and Krish Raval (director of Faith in Leadership).

Param Singh, CSN director, said ?There are approximately 15,000 Sikhs working in
the City of London, and recognition of Sikh success in the City is long overdue. We
have a strong presence in perhaps the most important corporate powerhouse in the
world, and we as a community have retained our unique identity. This event will give
people the opportunity to see that being financially successful and being spiritual are
not mutually-exclusive.?

Jasvir Singh, also a CSN director, added ?The riots in England over the last few days
have disturbed the social fabric of the nation. However, the British Sikh community
has emerged strongly from this, with many people coming together to protect towns
such as Southall and Birmingham from looting. The question of how faith can assist
in successfully overcoming adversity is not looked at very often, and hopefully this
event will give an insight into the mindset of success.?

Sarah Boddey, European Head of Diversity at Barclays Wealth, said “Barclays
Wealth is delighted to be sponsoring this City Sikhs Network event. We have a
vibrant and growing Cultural Awareness Network here at Barclays Wealth and are
delighted to partner with organisations such as CSN on events that encourage
education, learning and appreciation of different faiths, cultures and beliefs and the
rich diversity they can bring to organisations.”

Launched in October 2010, CSN is dedicated to inspiring individuals to be the best
that they can be, and although it is an organisation based within the Sikh community,
its resources and events are open to all people regardless of race, religion and
gender so as to reflect the teachings of the Sikh gurus.

Further information about the event can be found at: