?Song of Soul?: An Evening of Devotional Mantras

An Evening of Devotional Mantras

Saturday 17th September / 20:00 ? 21:30
?15 in advance; ?20 on the day

With Siri Sadhana and Friends
Siri Sadhana Kaur will be launching her latest sadhana mantra CD ?song of soul? in this evening full of uplifting mantra music to serve as a foundation of strength in awakening the truth and wisdom of the soul as we move fully into the aquarian age.

As we chant mantra the glandular system is stimulated through the vibration of sound and we become like a stringed instrument plucked and resonated into alignment. Aquarian Sadhana mantras practiced in the ambrosial hours help cleanse the body and psyche of subconscious patterns and habits.

Chanting together in community assists us to develop capacity, range and elevate our consciousness calming the duality of the mind and finding a resting place for heart and soul as we move toward our inner divinity.