1) 45 minute talk at a grammar school in Kent (13th Oct)

A Grammar school based in Kent is organising a RE sixth form conference day for approximately 200 17-18 year old students on October 13th? 2011 in Ashford, Kent.The theme for the day is ?The Smile Campaign? to encourage students to do something positive for the community and to make others smile. The format for the day will involve inspirational speakers in the morning talking about helping the community and bringing happiness to others. In the afternoon students will reflect upon the mornings sessions and each participate in a practical activity to promote happiness.

The organisers would like students to develop an understanding of the focus within Sikhism of helping the community and sewa and to be inspired by the golden rule. It would be preferable if personal stories of Sikhs helping the wider community could be included.

The organisers are looking for one Sikh speaker and there will also be a Christian speaker there on the day. The conference begins at 9am and this section of it concludes at 12pm when they will go off and help others in the community in order to promote happiness. The speaker will need to talk for 45 minutes and they will also be concluding with a question and answer session.

To volunteer for this opportunity please email info@www.citysikhs.com

2) Be part of the Welcoming Team at Barclays Wealth

Barclays Wealth in conjunction with The City Sikhs Network?have put together a?wonderful evening featuring short inspirational talks and a panel discussion from prominent business leaders within the Sikh community. We are looking to?have a small welcoming team to arrive at 5.30pm that will be tasked with ensuring that our speakers including the deputy mayor of london and Dr Rabinder Buttar as well as all the guests at the event are warmly received.

To volunteer for this opportunity please email info@www.citysikhs.com

3) City Sikhs Career Mentoring Board

City Sikhs Network has developed a draft Career Mentoring process and is looking to setup a team of people who will run and manage its career mentoring service.

To volunteer for this opportunity please email info@www.citysikhs.com

4) Would you like to run a Radio Show?

City Sikhs has received an offer to run its own 1 or 2 hour slot on Amar Radio every Sunday evening from 8pm-10pm. They were recently bought out and have been around since 2002 (previously called Akash Radio) so they have a sizeable listening community.

They have offered to do a 1 hour training for members?who are interested in running the show however they would want us to maintain the service every Sunday. For this reason we looking?for a total of between 6 – 8 people with a couple of people doing a show every week and some people may be doing the show twice a month depending on peoples availability.

About Amar Radio

Amar Radio broadcasts on SKY CHANNEL 0168 in UK and Europe, and Worldwide. Amar Radio aims to provide the Asian (Indian Subcontinent) community with entertainment, current affairs, religious programmes, discussions and cultural programmes. http://www.amarradio.co.uk/

Amar Radio Address

Amar Radio, 14, Arches Business Centre, Merrick Road, Southall, Middlesex UB2 4AU, England (2 minutes walk from Southall Train Station)

To volunteer for this opportunity please email info@www.citysikhs.com