60 seconds with City Sikh – Hardeep Singh

Name: Hardeep Singh

Site: http://www.trekwaheguru.co.uk/

Topic: Discovering a Natural Cure for Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis?
Psoriasis is one of the most common and most difficult skin diseases to treat. Psoriasis is not contagious however it is a lifelong disease causing dry, silvery white scales and red raised patches on the skin.? These can appear anywhere on the body. Commonly affected areas are the limbs, especially the elbows, knees, trunk and scalp.? This can lead to the skin feeling extremely itchy and constant scratching can cause bleeding and scarring.? The cause of Psoriasis is not completely understood and there is no complete cure, but episodes can be minimised by lifestyle changes.? Some common treatments involve creams, steroids and light therapy.

So tell us about your story with Psoriasis?
Four years ago I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. Approximately 3% of the world?s population suffer from Psoriasis which is around 125 million people. I was part of the 8% (approximately 1.2 million people) who suffered from severe Psoriasis.

Dealing with the effects of Psoriasis was extremely challenging.? With my skin constantly itching, I was unable to sleep and this impacted on my studies.

The most devastating point of this experience is when I had to shave my head. This allowed me to apply prescribed creams and oils to my scalp which was badly affected.? At one point I had to apply cream up to 11 times a day!! I saw some of the top dermatologists in the country, but no-one could help me?this is where my journey begun.

I was told by my uncle of a Doctor in India that helps to cure people with Homeopathic medicines. I was informed that he has a strong proven record of helping and curing people with Psoriasis and many other medical problems. In 2008 I went to India. Initially I went to Harmandar Sahib and did ?ishnaan?. From there, I travelled to Rara Sahib, Panj Garaian Gurdwara, Fatehghur, Sangrur, Punjab. This is where I met Dr. Gurmeet Singh and his team. They have a small health clinic on the premises of the Gurdwara with a pharmacy, waiting room and the Doctor?s office. The clinic is open on Saturday?s only and people come from great distances for treatment.? Dr. Gurmeet Singh and all his staff offer their expert services and homeopathic medicine free of charge to patients!

After 4 months of taking the homeopathic medicine my skin was 95% clear!? I have just recently returned from visiting Dr. Gurmeet Singh in India and he was very impressed with the significant improvement.? Currently there are one or two individuals who donate money for this facility.

Have you been inspired to help the facility in any way?

Yes indeed I hope to raise as much money as possible to help improve existing facilities and eventually realise the long term goal of building a new health clinic. I am going to walk from Ramgaria Gurdwara in Slough to Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Northampton. This will be approximately 67 miles, 104 Kilometres. I will be trekking along the Grand Union Canal starting on Friday 22nd April and plan to arrive in Northampton by Monday 25th

How can people learn more about your experience and sponsor you if they want?

You can see a video I made on my website and you can contact me through my website if you are interested in sponsoring me.